Horse Training

Professional Rope Horse Training.

Head or Heel Horses made here!

NOW ACCEPTING OUTSIDE HORSES FOR SPRING/SUMMER OF 2018. Located in Nanton Alberta, about 45 minutes south of Calgary Alberta.

Horses are our passion at Mosquito Creek Performance Horses. Working with them and watching them grow and evolve is what we love to do.

The term “rope horse broke” is not normally used as an endearing term to describe a well rounded horse that is soft in the mouth, knows how to use their body and responds to your cues- except when chasing a steer out of the box.

We firmly believe a solid foundation and good handle is the difference between an average performance horse and an outstanding performance horse. Sometimes slowing it down and going back to the basics will make a world of difference.

Haven’t been to the pay window in a while? Every now and then even our seasoned horses that have seen it all need some fine-tuning to get them back on their A game. We can offer you problem solving on a number of concerns, some of the common problems we work on:

  •  Box issues
  •   Rating
  •  Position
  •  Handling
  •  Facing
  •  Stopping

We also operate a cow-calf operation in the Foothills of southern Alberta and can put some outside ranch miles on a green or young horse. We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your equine partners!

Contact us for more information and pricing. Thanks. 403-336-0797 (Jesse) or 928-245-6143 (Joey) or send us a quick email.

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